Creative burst


After a brief Diablo 3 addiction, I have had a short creative burst to add a few more words to Feathers Fall. The current scene has a poetry to it that I’m enjoying and it just feeds on itself.

I really need to finish this damn thing so I can move on.

Well, this is easier


I didn’t have Aiko 4 so I didn’t know it came with a build in american style face morph. After acquiring that, and with some Gen X transfer to copy the morph across to Genesis, it ends up with quite the appealing and easy to use character.
Aiko GenX Disney4

Aiko GenX Disney5

Oh yeah, I should probably do some writing



It is so hard to get anything done with a headcold. Can’t work, can’t write, can’t concentrate. Blegh. It’ll be a few days before I probably pick up FF and write again.

Disney DAZ


So after a recent trip to the movies to see the Disney movie Frozen, I decided to challenge my DAZ skills to see how close I could get a character to looking like one of the more Disney 3D characters while still making sure it looks good

The result? Some things are difficult to impossible to truly achieve, particularly the eyes, but getting something that at least “looks good” was achievable. I really like the result, it’s different enough to not be a straight out copy while still having a lot of the appeal of their stylised characters:
disney 7
disney 8

Understanding German


I downloaded an app for my tablet, Duolingo, which is a free language learning tool and game. It’s neat. I picked to learn German because I thought I knew a little bit of German and that would speed things along. Turns out I understand German about as well as I understand women.

It’s fun :D

Off to submission


Scraped up decent enough synopsis to suit a new publisher’s requirements, so off Crimson goes again for another period of hope and dreams. I like the idea of a local boutique publisher. It feels more secure and saves me dealing with the US tax issue. Speaking of:
I have been investigating self publishing options, but for somebody who doesn’t live in the US, the additional burdens are quite immense to avoid considerable additional tax.