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Which I saw today. It was decent, better than most movies certainly. Second movie was better, heath ledger was awesome in that.

Being not particularly happy with the previous render, more messing around was had. Particularly shadows added and a few other minor tweaks. I liked the idea of the title text, but the execution wasn’t there. I’ll try again, though I suspect I might have to edit the wall texture and re-render. Hopefully not.  Which reminds me: Don’t set the CPU priority on the render thread up if you decide you want to be able to set it back down again any time soon.

I’ll make this into the title banner shortly

As well as the above, not much writing was done this weekend as I was given an old macbook in an unknown condition as a project to get working again. So I installed Windows 8 on it. Twice. Then back to OS X. Unfortunately that just confirmed that the keyboard issues I was having in Windows 8 (no space bar :S) was like a hardware issue. And I don’t have a jewellers phillips head screwdriver to take the thing apart. But it was fun putting W8 on it. It’ll probably work well too if I can sort out it’s issues.


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