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Genesis Generation X

Ok, so I promised a post about how to use the DAZ Studio Gen X Plugin. If you’re against nudity, you probably shouldn’t read this post (or bother using DAZ Studio for that matter)

This one took me a few WTF moments, but I think I’ve managed to intuit how most people would want to use it, which is to transfer whole character morphs across to Genesis. There is obviously a lot more that’s probably possible, but in my case, lets go with what I want to use it for. I’m describing it from the perspective of transferring a V4 shape across, I can only assume it’ll be the same for M4.

The goal here is to create a single character morph slider for Genesis that will turn Genesis into your chosen V4 morph.

Here’s what you need:

Step 1. Install the Gen X, Open up DAZ Studio, get the Gen X plugin all serialled up and have it as a tab ready to go. This is the easy part, and probably the personalised part so I’m going to skip the details here.

Step 2. Search for the Victoria 4.2 base and drag it to the Transfer Page on the GenX tab. Like this:GenXStep1

Step 2a. (This step may not be necessary) Do the same for the Morphs++ injection.



Step 3. Drag the character morph injection of your choice (e.g. London here) across to the Transfer Page.


Step 4. Select everything on the transfer page, right click -> All -> Transfer: On



Step 5. Below all that, there are two drop downs. Select Create single morph (This is so we get just one slider) and Victoria 4 (Clone). Clone, to keep things way from real V4 stuff I suppose.



Step 6. Ready to go! Click the transfer button. You’ll (probably) get a warning about zero values being ignored or something. Click passed that and you’ll get this dialog to fill in the details. Give it something meaningful so you can find it. The Region drop down should match what you expect your morph to be (Actor in my case for a full body morph).


Step 7. You can check to see if it worked by selecting the Morphs page on the GenX tab and selecting the GenX button.


Step 8. Now you’re ready to use it. Insert a Genesis character into your scene and dial in 100% Victoria 4.


Step 9. Now, under the Actor tree on the shaping tab, you’ll find a Generation X area, select it to find the morph dial you’ve just created and dial up your new morph!



Results. You’re now ready to add your skin mats from the original character and do everything you’d expect Genesis can handle. In my case, the morph wasn’t 100% and I believe that’s because of limits Genesis has, but it’s pretty damn close. Here’s a side by side: SSS skin, uberenvironment2, no lights, Philly hair on Genesis and Desir hair on V4, and equivalent poses with nothing else touched:



It’d be interesting to work out how to get 100%, but it’s close enough that a tweak or two couldn’t get it there.

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