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Did I mention work was tough lately. It’s taken all the energy out of me, which means less writing and less updates. Mentally exhausting. Certainly no fun.

I wrote a nice little passage for Viridian just then, but I’m still along way behind where I’d like to be.

I was talking about writer’s block and writing on another one of my online haunts, and wrote this little explanation that perhaps give some insight into my writing process:

It’s worth pointing out that my ‘style’ isn’t free writing. I just don’t plot the story chapter by chapter before I start. A story idea for me is a beginning and an end (or really, a climax). I’ll write down scene ideas along the way. When I’m writing a scene, I’ll know what I want to happen in the scene and where I want to go for the next scene. Writing the scene then becomes:
Transition in -> Scene event -> Transition out to next scene.

It’s that transition out where I most often block, specifically, the moment the scene moves from event to transition out. That’s normally where I work myself into a hole.

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