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I am eating cake for dinner. Birthday cake. My birthday was a week or so ago, but I reluctantly held the celebration last night. It was fun. Cake is delicious.

It provided an unusual opportunity to flog off copies of my books. It’s a strange experience to earn at your own birthday party. Possibly socially incorrect. Still, it’s nice to see copies of FF and Crimson go out to more readers, and to get the feedback from finished readers.

And it was great to catch up with all my friends. While I see most fairly frequently, some I wish I saw more. And some know just the right thing to say or do.

I am also currently reading Stephen King’s On Writing based on recommendations. Which, so far, is proving to be a fantastic book on the art of writing. I haven’t learnt a thing from it, mind you, because it appears he and I share very similar thoughts on the craft. Unexpected, and delightfully justifying. I only wish I had the opportunity to produce as much as he has.

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