Apr 12, 2015 - 0 Comments - Crimson, Feathers Fall, Viridian, Writing -

The struggle


Without a doubt the hardest 10k. I possibly could have gotten there faster, but I needed to go back and edit the work I’d already done to add some semblance of consistency and order to the story and get my head around things. Viridian is in a much better state, but this story is going to be a slog. I can only hope it’s worth it at the end.

Talking about it today, I don’t do this for the love of writing. Sometimes writing is fun, and sometimes it’s anything but. I don’t feel the need to write stories down for me to enjoy them. I sure as hell don’t do it for the money. I write for those little moments when somebody tells me how sweet they found a character in Feathers Fall, or begs me for news on the sequel to Crimson (it’s coming!). I write so that others can read, and I’d pretty much do anything to get more readers. That’s what storytelling is all about.

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