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Ok, so it’s been a while blog. My bad. It’s been about that long between writing too. Even worse.

I had an experience today that made me think of a few of my own experiences that had happened in the recent past. I have a few posters up at work selling my books. There is a moment of dread that comes any time I’m asked about them. On one hand, I want to sell as many copies as possible, but these people know me. It’s exposing; this is my soul in words and they’re asking for a deeper look. What will they think. Another person looked me up on facebook on the basis of my short stories, just to say how much they liked them. But I don’t think they’re that good. That is the artist’s dilemma.

Recently, I found out a friend liked to sketch, so naturally I asked to see, forgetting about the above. I love seeing people’s art. Today, with only the briefest hesitation, she handed over her sketch book and I got a little peak into that world.

So fair’s fair. I’m better at writing than I am at drawing, and I’m not very good at writing. I’d like to get to a point where I can illustrate some of my stories/characters. That’s a long way off! I used to draw (much better) as a kid, the eyes remember, but the hands forget! But these are some of the better early efforts. I can’t claim much originality, most are simply images that have drawn my eye on deviantart.


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