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Turn on the lights

Nov 11, 2012 - Crimson, DAZ3D - 0 Comments - Standard

It’s amazing what a decent light can do to a render (And also render times, ouch!) Also, have I mentioned reinstalling all my daz3d content from scratch sucks? What’s wrong with just using zip files like the other places do? No, 50 billion installers to click through. Blegh.      


Aug 15, 2012 - DAZ3D - 0 Comments - Standard ^ Look at at. LOOK at it. How fantastic does that look. Ant it’s within what I have the tools to achieve (- PS, + GIMP). (Oh god, the render is annihilating my little computer).

I prefer blue

Aug 08, 2012 - Crimson, DAZ3D - 0 Comments - Standard

Just sayin’ Still not happy with the knife. It doesn’t reflect like it should and the texture is shit. But it’s a freebie so I can’t complain. And the shirt seems to have some draping limitations that are bugging the hell out of me. Might need to find some sort of alternative. And do I […]

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na

Aug 05, 2012 - Computers, Crimson, DAZ3D - 0 Comments - Standard

Batman! Which I saw today. It was decent, better than most movies certainly. Second movie was better, heath ledger was awesome in that. Being not particularly happy with the previous render, more messing around was had. Particularly shadows added and a few other minor tweaks. I liked the idea of the title text, but the execution […]

More slacking off was had

Jul 30, 2012 - Crimson, DAZ3D - 0 Comments - Standard

Back to the short hair. I like it better now, it suits and it fits her style. And of course, Ana in crow form has been added to the image. Just need to find a suitable backdrop and some decent lighting to lose that glossy skin tone. Backdrop anyone?