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It’s broken, Jim

Apr 17, 2015 - Website - 0 Comments - Standard

So I woke up this morning to a broken website. Not sure what happened. Mildly concerning. But anyway, with some adjustments, we’re back working again. Good times.

Ze Ukraine

Dec 28, 2014 - Website - 0 Comments - Standard

I really wish, just once, I had a web site visitor from the Ukraine that wasn’t a spam bot. I like the country, but I’m just about ready to ban the whole IP range.

Web site

Dec 20, 2012 - Website - 0 Comments - Standard

Got a theme update and much fiddling. Is now white instead of black. Nice 🙂

You know

Jul 24, 2012 - Crimson, Website, Writing - 0 Comments - Standard

I couldn’t write a speech to save myself. Which is the point, ironically. In other news, it’s interesting looking at the hit stats for this site, despite zero attempt to spread it’s location anywhere. Curiouser and Curiouser. Also, I clearly should have been sleeping a good 2 hours ago. You know when you get to that […]