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Nov 02, 2015 - Viridian, Writing - 0 Comments - Standard

It’s been a while between updates, I know. It’s been busy. Now it’s November. I’m not going to pretend I’m participating in NaNoWriMo. It’s impossible for someone as busy as me in my fulltime job to achieve. But I am trying to make a concerted efforted to do more writing. So far, that’s consisted of […]

The struggle

Apr 12, 2015 - Crimson, Feathers Fall, Viridian, Writing - 0 Comments - Standard

Without a doubt the hardest 10k. I possibly could have gotten there faster, but I needed to go back and edit the work I’d already done to add some semblance of consistency and order to the story and get my head around things. Viridian is in a much better state, but this story is going […]


Feb 25, 2015 - Life, Viridian, Writing - 0 Comments - Standard

Did I mention work was tough lately. It’s taken all the energy out of me, which means less writing and less updates. Mentally exhausting. Certainly no fun. I wrote a nice little passage for Viridian just then, but I’m still along way behind where I’d like to be. I was talking about writer’s block and […]

More Covers

Jan 09, 2015 - Viridian, Writing - 1 Comments - Standard

So I dropped for another cover. It’s probably a little early to be doing so for Viridian, it’s definitely putting the cart before the horse, but it gives me some drive to keep working on the manuscript and get this sequel happening. Straight back to the same artist who did the cover for Crimson, as […]


Jul 06, 2013 - Viridian - 0 Comments - Standard

Writer’s block is always a pain. I blocked on Feathers Fall so I shifted back to Viridian, since I figured after submitting Crimson it was high time I started it back up again. But I haven’t been too successful there. Mostly it’s been like a kid playing with his food. Lots of shuffling ideas around […]

A new story idea!

Mar 23, 2013 - Viridian, Writing - 0 Comments - Standard

So last night I was struggling through the first few words of Book 2, Viridian and moaning and grumbling and being outright depressed about life in general. It happens. Then (In the shower this morning), a new plot formed in my head… and then more plot and more ideas. It bloomed quickly into a full […]

Book 2 Gets A Rename

Mar 06, 2013 - Crimson, Viridian, Writing - 0 Comments - Standard

Just like I renamed book 3, it looks like book 2 will get a rename. Currently, the colour Viridian is appealing much more than Jade ever did. Future readers will recognise the moment I came to this conclusion.